Saturday, June 19, 2004

Admiral Halsey to the Rescue?

The Yanks have demonstrated that an intelligent lineup, a mixture of homegrown and free agent talent, and loads of money can lend itself to explosive offensive production. They've also illustrated the problem with a mostly middle aged pitching rotation. Kevin Brown (39 years young)is on the shelf until Friday (at the very least) and Mike Mussina (a toddler at 35) has joined the long list of Yanks with bad groins (as reviewed by D here)and may be available on Tuesday. Leaving the Yanks with no option but to bring up a young lefty named Brad Halsey (ranked number 24 of the Yanks top 30 prospects by Baseball America)to face the Dodgers today at Dodger stadium.
To make room for Halsey on the roster the Yanks sent fellow lefty Gabe White back to the Reds for Charles Manning (AA ball, LHP)who was originally included in the Aaron Boone trade. The Yanks included 700K to make adding White (0-1, 8.27 era) to their bullpen more palatable. This move and the fact that the Mariners have their Pat Gillick watching the Trenton Yanks (AA ball) has led to some speculation that a trade for Mariners lefty Mike Myers +/- Freddy Garcia maybe brewing.
But back to Halsey, he is 29-12 with a 3.36 era in 313.1 innings in his minor league career, and while his strikeout/9 innings (k/9) is 6.8, his walks/9 innings and homers/9 innings ( 2.1 and 0.3, respectively) demonstrate excellent command, which should translate to some level of success at the Major League level. Whether this start serves as a showcase or actually leads to Halsey making a spot for himself on the roster is anyone's guess. Here's to Halsey earning himself a memorable nickname at the ML level with the Yanks....
So D and T, is this kid being brought up to spot start(and potentially stick) or have the Yanks brought this relative unknown (against the rather feeble Dodger lineup) to showcase him with the hopes of increasing trade value(ala Claussen last year)?


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