Thursday, June 24, 2004

Beltran an Astro

So Carlos got booted out of KC and winds up in Houston. Interestingly this three way deal(KC-Houston-Oakland) was posted by Lee Sinins as having been called off earlier today because the As and Astros were arguing over their ends of the deal.
At face value this seems like a decent deal for all involved parties; the As needed bullpen help and received Octavio Dotel from the Astros, the Royals get highly prized As prospect Mark Teahen (3B) as well as John Buck (C) from the Astros and RHP Mike Wood from Oakland, the Astros get a player who is argueably one of the best in baseball. The Royals, who've been busy deconstructiong their major league roster the past few days, obtained the catcher and third baseman they've coveted (waive bye-bye to Joe Randa) and have essentially admitted to being out of the race for the year. Whew...what a relief not having to compete is, how do the Yanks put up with all the stress? Time for a cocktail (or so I imagine Allard Baird must be thinking).
I'm pleased that the Red Sox didn't manage to wrest Beltran form the Royals, though their emptying the farm system for him might have been amusing, but can't help the feeling that the team who needed him most made a necessary move. The Astros have a win it all now attitude and have added a much needed bat without disrupting their ballclub (in hindsight the Hidalgo trade begins to make a different kind of sense) and probably have convinced Mr. I'm retiring tomorrow Clemens to order a new box of spikes for next year.
Well, since Scott "avenging angel" Boras plans on shopping Beltran no matter what it just means we'll have to wait until the winter to sign him.
DJ, number 3, what do you think? Who's the biggest winner and the biggest loser here?


Blogger DJ said...

This actually breaks down to a four-way trade:

Astros get:
Carlos Beltran, CF Switch-hitter
David Weathers, RHP high-priced middleman

Basically, the Astros flip Hidalgo and Beltran in the outfield (a big gain, since Beltran's better in just about every aspect of the game). Dotel turns into Weathers, which is not so nice.

KC Gets:
Mark Teahen, 3B AAA
Mike Wood, RHP AAA
John Buck, C AAA
net decrease $5 Million Salary

The Royals deal Beltran. Do they get a blue-chip prospect out of the deal? Nope. I doubt any of these guys are on anyone's Top 50 prospects list. Do they get a young major leaguer? These guys are close, but no cigar. None of them have gotten to the Show yet. Teahen, the pick of the litter, started the season in AA. All these guys could be decent to good major leaguers -- but none of them figures to be great.

Sadly, I think the real appeal of this trade was the approximately $5 Million the Royals don't have to pay Beltran.

A's get:
Octavio Dotel, RHP "closer"
net increase $2 Million Salary

The Oakland bullpen has flat-out stunk this year, and the prospects they gave up are blocked (Teahen by Eric Chavez, Wood by Joe Blanton) by better talents. Could be a lot to give up for a reliever, but Beane had to do something to improve that pen.

Mets get:
Richie Hidalgo, RF righthanded hitter
net increase $3 Million Salary

Like the A's, the Mets fix a weakness, by getting a power hitting outfielder. Their lineup becomes overwhelmingly righthanded, but that's better than it being overwhelminly bad. They give up nothing but money.

Everyone gets something they need, even the Royals.

The big question is, could the Yanks have butted into this deal? Maybe. Dioner Navarro might have more upside than anyone the Royals received in this deal. He's also further from the Show.

Should the Yanks have butted in? Hell, no. There aren't enough prospects in the Yanks system to make two major deals right now. Beltran would have been a wasteful luxury. Pitching may be a necessity for this team before the July and August trade deadlines.

June 26, 2004 at 4:35 AM  
Blogger lichmd said...

Quick note to your comment DJ.
According to Gammons the Yankees did butt in, but had to offer up a potential closer for the deal to pan out which would have changed the Yanks offer from Navarro/Robinson to Navarro/Flash Gordon. That last the Yanks wouldn't do, and rightly so. No disrespect to the late 90s Yanks pen but Flash to Rivera is the most dominant pair the Yanks have had since Rivera to Wetteland. All in all a good non move by the Yanks, just enough to keep division rivals out of it.
Now here's to hoping the Astros actually compete and don't become sellers later in the season.

June 30, 2004 at 6:46 AM  

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