Wednesday, June 30, 2004

No we don't want your stinking Minor Leaguers, eh, Yeah!

We are led to believe that the Yankees farm system is decimated, with nary a talented individual to be found. The New York media machine feeds that perception and almost on a daily basis, recounts the woes of having endless cash , but no players anyone wants to trade for. But this is not limited to local media,the ESPN website hacks constantly mention the lack of real talent in the upper reaches of the Yanks system and the links to Baseball America (when the hell did these sprout up? and whats with the new design?) don't lead to any information that looks any better.
As evidence we are shown, prime exhibits both, the Beltran and Garcia trades. Ya see, no one wants our minor leaguers. Fools all.
In my experience Yankee farmhands come in three flavors; can't miss stars, over hyped dudes and where the hell did he come from. In the first category we had Derek Jeter, Tony Armas Jr, and, uh, well I'll get back to you. In the second gategory we've had such luminaries of the baseball diamond as Drew Henson, Jackson Melian, Brandon Claussen, D'Angelo Jimenez, Wily Mo Pena, Brien Taylor, Adrian Hernandez, Ed Yarnall... well you get the picture.
In the last category, Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera, Alfonso Soriano,Ted Lilly, Andy Pettite, Don Mattingly. These guys weren't first rounders, they were carefully gleaned out of other countries or they were lower round picks who happened to flourish.
George King wrote the following this morning in the Post,
"Kansas City and Seattle didn't want catcher Dioner Navarro and infielder Robinson Cano in a trade for Carlos Beltran and Freddy Garcia, respectively, but other teams apparently are interested in the Yanks' recently promoted duo."

"A bevy of scouts was on hand for the players' Triple-A debut Monday night in Columbus. The Diamondbacks, who say they aren't shopping Randy Johnson, were joined by the Pirates, A's, Indians, Reds, Red Sox, Phillies and Blue Jays."

Does anyone see the Yankee hype machine working again? While I believe that Dioner Navarro maybe the real deal, Robinson Cano has suddenly appeared from the bottom of BAs list to contend for what? A spot on our already crowded infield? You think Cano's getting any playing time out of Joe "you played for me once, ya can get a job now" Torre?
The Yankees didn't want Beltran, knowing they can sign him over the winter and keep their minor league bullets to fill real needs during the season. Cashman kept his fingers in the mix long enough to help the Red Sox miss getting Carlos in that lineup.
Losing out on Garcia, though, must smart. Who thought the White Sox would overpay for the boy? The Yankees had no counter to this move and must now come up with plan B. I wonder if Randy enjoys reaching his 4000th strikeout and losing all in the same game?
So DJ, whadya say?


Blogger DJ said...

I like your categories of minor leaguers. I'd move Armas from group 1 (the Stars) to group 2 (team Pyrite, although it isn't really his fault); and Sori from group 3 ("Where the Heck Did that Come From?") to group 1 (since there were some folks that thought he was Da Man even when his numbers weren't so good in the minors).

I hope that Dioner Navarro and Robinson Cano both fall into group 3 ... but I'm not holding my breath. Dioner's high batting average last year could be a fluke. Listed at 5-10, 170 lbs, he sounds like a catcher in a shortstop's body. Cano reminds me of Gregg Jeffreys -- the word is he can hit, but will he have enough plate discipline or power to make up for the fact that he doesn't really have a position in the infield?

July 8, 2004 at 8:16 PM  
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