Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Under the Brooklyn Bridge and past the Seaport to Yankee Stadium we go...

I had one of the extreme pleasures that life affords those of us who live in The City. A virtual trifecta a)a perfect cruise up the East river to the Stadium b)an excellently pitched game and c)hearing the petrified whine of Mets fans who feel the natural order settling itself on the baseball world as the Mets proceed to lose the nightcap game.
We left the Wall Street pier at 6:30 PM for a scheduled 8:05 PM start, my God the City is so beautiful from the water. About 100 of us wound up on the top deck, drinking ice cold beer and watching the towers and building and parks and bumper-to-bumper cars on the FDR slide by. No traffic, no noise, just the excited pregame chatter amoung friends and the occasional plane overhead. Really something to be experienced. I have no idea how the ferry isn't booked solid for every game and how more people don't avail themselves of the lovely mode of transport.
The game itself was efficient and the perfect anodyne for what had ailed us the day before, we scored often, we scored in clumps, we hit the long ball, we played some nice D. The only wrinkle was the way in which the Mets took Moose's knucklecurve deep, I'm not sure if it's mechanical, or if he wasn't getting the fastball over later in the game, but they'd sit on the the knucklecurve and tee off. I also think that Torre continues to display his annoying habit of not removing the pitcher in time. When Moose made it out of the jam he created in the 6th, I stood (more than two-thirds of the crowd did) and applauded Mussina, expecting that his day was over. I thought he'd have showered and would be doing a crossword on the bench when the top of the 7th came around, but out he trotted again, and quickly walked a batter and had to be puled with two on and no outs. Why Torre insists on this is beyond me. Moose just got off the DL, had thrown 90+ pitches through 6, and he could have brought Quantrill in to start the 7th.
So DJ and Nuumba 3, whadya think? Did the Yanks give up their only win to the Mets or will they wind up dropping another at Shea?


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