Saturday, June 19, 2004

Yanks drop two in a row

For the first time since May 21-22 in Texas, the Yankees lost consecutive games.
In front of the largest regular season crowd in Dodger stadium history Yankee castoff Jeff Weaver pitched six innings of 3 run, 7 hit ball and struckout 4 while walking 2.
Most interestingly he shutdown Alex Rodriguez and, by so doing, brought an end to his streak of 53 games in which he had safely reached base.
The sellout crowd of 55,207 booed the Yanks throughout, especially Gary Sheffield and the majority stuck around to see Eric Gagne record his major league record 80th save in a row.
Will Carroll stated at his own excellent site that the Yanks are a huge draw on the road because people go to root against them, the everyone like to root for the underdog syndrome. D and T, does this argument hold water? Or do people simply go to see the Yanks on the road because a)their a lot of transplanted Newyorkers out there, b)people know they are going to see the most storied team in sports history or c)they are hoping to see their team give (cue John Williams here)the Evil Empire a shellacking?


Blogger DJ said...

Rooting against the "bad guy" is part of the reason that fans flock to Yankee road games. Another factor is simply that people turn out in greater numbers for games against contenders, games against teams with superstars. The Yankees do an inordinate amount of contending, and have an inordinate number of star players.

But the real issue is that, love 'em or hate 'em, most people care about seeing their local team play the Yankees. Some of that is history, as the Yankees are connected to a large number of teams through pennant races and the World Series.

Ya don't get that when you're playing the Devil Rays.

June 20, 2004 at 12:01 AM  

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