Saturday, July 31, 2004

As the Witching Hour Approaches, Cash's Hair Begins to Fall Out.....

Or how Steinbrenner destroyed the front office in 2 easy steps....
As has been widely speculated the D'Backs' front office continues to play chicken with the 6 foot 7 inch lefty mutant AKA the Big Unit. This hurry up and wait attitude must be driving George nuts and making most of the Yankee front office search the help wanted ads.
I had suspected that this trade deadline would wind up being more of a whimper than a bang, as brother Joe states the wildcard allows too many teams to feel like they have a shot. Too many buyers and not enough sellers, that's fun for fans that live near these "maybe" teams, but no fun for those of us that follow the Yanks. The ability to pump up the rep of some kids, trade them and a chunk 'o change for our flavor of the season missing cog is a God given right. As an old friend used to say "ouchie, no fair".
As the last two starts for The Cuban Enigma, or Fragile Ego Cuban Boy or The Idiot With Great Stuff Who Can't Pitch Against The Red Sox, has shown he has no business pitching against any team with an over .500 record. D, where did we put that raft? And it appears that there will be no last minute deals to shore up what should be a good rotation. Unless.....
Perhaps the D'Backs are just playing head games with RJ? Maybe they know life with him after the Great Un Trade will be unbearable? Mayhap he will still stand on the mound at the Cathedral and aid in the September Burial of those who shalt not be named and reside in Boston?
Hmmh... might be time for me to get out of the house.
DJ how 'bout going to see M. Night's latest 107 minute flick?


Blogger DJ said...

Turns out we got a few fireworks out of the deadline already, with the Mets dealing for Victor Zambrano and Anna (er, I mean Kris) Benson. The Dodgers and Marlins also threw down a big trade.

Still, the Mets' trade shows that your (and Joe's) point is correct -- too many damn teams think they're still in it, and not on the most rational bases, sometimes. The Mets' record is less than two games better than the also-rans they dealt with yesterday...

July 31, 2004 at 11:42 AM  

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