Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Jose Continues to Win

The Cuban Enigma has taken his unbeaten streak to 5 consecutive games as he pitched 7 innings of 2 run, 4 hit ball. He is now 8-3 on the year and a poster boy for family unity. As you may or may not remember Jose was getting fitted for a raft back to Cuba by George and the Tampa Mafia until his family joined him under mysterious circumstances. Now he appears to have regained the aggresiveness and competitive fire that led the Yanks to over pay for him in the first place.
But love and respect from the Yankees front office can be shortlived (unless you're named O'Neill or Wells) and Contreras is scheduled to start against the Bo-Sox this Sunday. Needless to say a crappy start could lead to further pressure on Cashman to make a trade for starting pitching. I think that Jose may have an outstanding start against the BoSox, he's due to pitch the way he can and the fact that they've beaten him badly in the past should be a huge motivator. Good luck Jose here is to driving the fork a little deeper into our New England friends.
DJ, TJ, any thoughts?


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