Saturday, July 31, 2004

The Raft Has Sailed.

So Cash made a move, just not one any of us expected.
Johnson for a passel of prospects and cash? No
Odalis Perez for The Cuban Enigma and prospects? No
Esteban Loaiza? Huh? Where did this come from? Am I even aware of how he's doing this year? Of course we'll give them cash, but we'll get some B grade prospect, right? I mean The Cuban Enigma (or Fragile Ego Cuban Boy) has electric stuff, he has an A grade fastball. So there's a PTBNL, right? Nope.
Well, I was tired of trying to figure out what version of Contreras would show up and he was completely unable to handle the pressure of a big game. Well screw it, too bad Cash couldn't have gotten The Run Fairy included in the trade and gotten us Damaso Marte.
Instead let's turn to the issue of Contreras' fragile ego and inability to pitch under a big game. Let's just consider where he came from.... Cuba. Castro is an insane Steinbrenner who happens to run a country. You're telling me the pressure in New York is too much?
Whatever. Goodbye Fragile Ego Cuban Boy. Thanks for making Theo trash that room in Nicaragua, I wish you luck in Chicago, just not against us. And here's a little advice, make sure to save as much of your salary as possible, as no one's going to give you $100k/inning again.
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