Monday, July 19, 2004

To Johnson or Not To Johnson 2

Gammons article over at ESPN raises some very good points about the debate over whether Johnson should be traded and what seems to be in the best interest of Baseball. His point that the Yankees haven't brought a starting pitcher to the Majors in the past 11 years that's won more than 6 games for them, besides Pettite, is a slight fabrication. True the Yankees drafted Pettite in 1990, and they haven't brought any other talent to the parent club who has stuck, but Sterling Hitchcock and Eric Milton where both highly touted farmhands who were traded to add parts to the Playofffs machine. And, if not for George's insane insistance for Mike Stanley 2 in August '97, Tony Armas probably would have gotten his cup of coffee with the team (Yeah DJ, I know, he would have been traded for Pedro).
Gammons does have a point though, over reliance on incredible financial resources have taken the Yankees away from the winning formula of the 96-2000 run, strong up the middle by not trading prized position players and trading for or buying free agent pitching. The Yankees recent drafts have been lackluster, with little talent coming to them and most being traded away for spare parts and perhaps best symbolized by the snafu which cost them Mark Prior in 1998. Hopefully the Yanks draft this year has led them back to their winning formula.
I've always been a proponent of the Powell doctrine, overwhelming and disproportionate use of force to assure that the war is won. Trade for Randy now, put him on the same floor as Jeter and ARod in Trump's UN condo and lets ride his arm to raising another World Series Champs flag in 2005.


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