Sunday, July 18, 2004

To Johnson or Not To Johnson?

As this article shows everything the NY media is publishing about the Yanks mentions or analyzes the possibility of Johnson joining the team by the trading deadline.
I must admit that the trade has become every Yankee fan's dream, I for one am very much aware of the fact that the no Yankees team has won a world series in the last 50 years without a lefthander in the rotation. And Johnson is the preeminent Lefty of our generation. On the negative side, obtaining him will a)cost us the top three prospects in the system b)raise the already record payroll to near 200 million c) purpetuate the image of the Yanks as a gluttonous team, that will do anything to win and win now.
Johnson's career numbers and here, demonstrate a Hall of Fame career and a player who will most likely be ranked amoung the top four or five lefty starters in the history of the game. At 38 years old still an assest to the Yankees rotation? An unqualified yes.

In my opinion the Yanks have pumped up the reps of Dioner Navarro and Robinson Cano to facilitate making an impact trade during the course of the 2004 campaign. Eric Duncan is supposed to be the real deal at 3B, but is blocked at that position by a guy you may have heard of- Alex Rodriguez, and he is therefore expendable. If, as Joel Sherman's article suggest, the priority for the Dbacks is to trade Johnson and insist that the receiving team accept all of his salary, then the Yanks should only give them prospects. No major league level players should be included in this trade. Personally neither Johnson's age nor his stint on the DL last year disturb me and if you want to know how I feel about adding to The Payroll read my last post. Cashman, run don't walk to Joe G's house, camp out on the lawn, do what needs to be done, but make sure you bring the 6 foot 7 inch lefty home. DJ, TJ opinions?


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