Saturday, August 28, 2004

How to win a game 18-6 and still lose

Yeah, I know. You was just starting to think "why don't he visit anymore?". But I have to admit to going through a little baseball overload in mid-late August. But after the first quiet Saturday of the past month, while I was clicking though the channels I just happened to come upon the Yankees game and watch the Samwich hit his third grandslam of the season and 300th carrer homerun. Score at the time 14-6, though it was 18-6 by the time the final out was recorded. 18-6 against the Jays, a late Saturday August afternoon, outside of being there to watch, what could be better?
Well, I'll tell you, probably would have been a good thing to not see the Iron Sheff suppinate (thats internal rotation) his left ankle while sliding into third base, going past the bag, getting tagged and then rolling around the ground in obvious horrible pain.
I'm going to be blunt, without Sheff the Yanks wouldn't be in first, wouldn't have the 5.5 game lead they have over the Crimson Hose, wouldn't be a force to be feared in the post season. Sheff is the Yanks MVP, no questions, no doubt about it. Should this injury be anything more than an ouchie (that's a medical term) this tem will be in deep crap. This teams motive force is it's offence, the pitching will improve somewhat as we head to the important games but the hit machine is what wins games for this iteration of the Pinstripe Machine. And Sheffs the engine that keeps this team moving.
Wrap it up Sheff, ice for the next 24 and increase your Vioxx dose to the max allowed, then walk it off babe, you can rest it after we've brought the trophy home and dumped confetti on ya.
Here's to normal MRIs.....


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