Monday, August 09, 2004

Nomargate, No mas

Some part of me, the deep down Yankee perhaps, is bothered by the fact that the well respected and baseball savy guru (a man we used to call the baseball god) is really a RedSox fan. As he writes so infrequently now I especially find it galling when he insists on dedicating 20-30% of any posted article on ESPN to the crimson hose gang. But I must admit to finding today's article funny. To feel the need to write a whole article about what may or may not have driven Garciaparra out of Boston is hilarious and kind of sad. I understand the pain, the sorrow, the insecurity that 84 some odd years without a world series brings. But what is the need to mentally masturbate over the issues that drove him out?
Get over it. RedSox management screwed the pooch, drove a well loved (and somewhat brittle?) superstar to extremis, alienated him on his team and, perhaps, pushed him so hard that he dogged it. As a physician I can say that, psychosomatic disorders aside, the mind can affect physical health and wellbeing. It's quite possible that feeling caged in and in a no win scenario can make an injured achilles tendon (or hamstring, or biceps tendon...insert body part here) seem more painful, less responsive to treatment. But really, who cares if he injured himself prior to springtraining, who cares that he wouldn't sign a $60 milliion deal when he saw what ARod and Jeter got and wanted some of that for himself. Lets be real, this is business. Loyalty is measured paycheck to paycheck. All this smearing is simply about Henry and Lucciano wanting to continue putting fannies in the seats and drawing as much money out of Fenway as possible. This is business, not personal..
Let go of it, get over it and move on.


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