Saturday, September 04, 2004

All good things.........

I'm sure I don't need to complete this thought.
I admit that I'd forgotten this kind of Yankee team, had blocked the less pleasant memories of teams where wins were few and far between. I'd forgotten that my Yankee experience was grounded not in the winning teams of 77-78 and (almost) 81, but by the loveless desert of 1985-1994.. Long ass years, when the only thing that brought us to the Stadium was Donnie, Winfield, Gator and the odd flash in the pan (Kevin Maas, Sam Militello, a young Al Leiter).
I suppose that those of us who came of age during that time can understand the overwhelming sense of foreboding that the Beantown fans have carried with them all these years. I recall the sense of incredulity that gave way to unmitigated joy and then to heartbreak (damn Joey Cora). It made '96 all the easier to ignore, until the facts smacked you in the face, and there we were going back to Turner field. The ensuing years bred a certain arrogance, added a certain swagger, erased the bitterness of no ring for Donnie and really bad Stadium beer.
Well, at only 2.5 games up and 6 games left to play and Krazy-eyes left hand broken and Giambi suffering from some odd Pituitary tumor and ARod apparently unable to hit with runners on and Iron Sheff a strong candidate for MVP...I say
"Laisez le bontemps rouler" Bring it.
The Chemistry maybe wrong, their chakras maybe jammed, they might be breathing out of the wrong eyelid and finding spectacular ways to lose and this Sox team may have won the majority of the games vs. so far but this team won't lay down. This Sox team will have to take it. The way things things are supposed to be.
The Wild Card is good for ratings and for "small market" teams (yeah right) and it's also a great way for teams to sneak in and win.
So I'm going to say a horrible, scary thing, I don't want the wild card, it's the penant or send me home early and refund me for the tickets I prepaid for.
So bring our buddies down from Boston, D and I will be there all 3 games and look forward to the challenge. The way it should be....
Then we'll see how this article's title ends.


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