Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Roger & Randy

So, unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've heard rumors about the Unit and the Rocket, and which East Coast destination -- Boston, Bronx, Flushing -- would best accommodate an extremely veteran great looking to leave a sinking ship in Houston or Arizona.

Supposedly, neither man has actually asked for a trade. Supposedly, both guys are working out of their respective posts to be closer to their families.

I don't think the Rocket's going anywhere -- he's not costing Drayton McLane so much money, and supposedly the Astros get a full house everytime he pitches at home.

The Big Unit, however, has got lots of money left on his contract -- and would want even more to waive his no-trade clause. There are also signs that being in the cellar is wearing thin on Randy. He's getting into fights at school, and has finally admitted that he'd be interested in coming to Boston or New York.

Although some people consider such a thing a moral wrong, I'd love to see Randy in pinstripes. The guy's absolutely murdered us over the years, yet I've never grown to hate him.

Does it suck that a team might have to trade a future Hall of Famer because of money? Sure. But it also sucks that the Diamondbacks gave Johnson a contract they knew they couldn't afford. Arizona turned their pockets inside out while begging for revenue sharing money at the same time they signed Johnson and acquired Schilling, which is kinda like buying a Plasma TV while you're on the dole. They spent their way to a World Series victory and right back down to the bottom of the standings. Now they're sellers, and they don't get my sympathy.

Roger? He'd help the Yanks, but I always felt that moving on from Roger Clemens this off-season was a positive thing. It underscored the need to get younger, which the Yanks did with Vazquez. I appreciate that Roger might want another payday, another world series ring, another retirement tour, but there's no reason the Yanks have to be the ones to give him those things.

That's my take. What do you think?


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