Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Locked Outta The House...

Man, it's been a long week already, and it's only Tuesday.

Right now, I'm locked out of my blog. It just crashes every time I try to post. I have a post from Sunday that I'm still trying to finish.

Prior to that one, I did another post that I then decided to offer to the big boys to publish. Nothing serious, just a little something about the Dodgers/Marlins trade. No sooner do I finish that than Brad Penny comes off the mound Sunday, with an injured bicep.

Did I mention that I have Penny on my Yahoo team?

As for Nomargate, Boston has the most amazing media culture in the country. There isn't nearly as much press there as there is in New York, but the sports reporters in Boston get a level of access to their teams you just don't see anywhere else in the country.

So now, when Gammons complains about Nomargate, it's like Frankenstein complaining about his monster. Epstein & Co. liked all the media hype they got upon riding into town, the "savior of the franchise" thing. They all kept the media apprised of the minute-by-minute details of the A-Rod negotiation, with no mind that they were screwing up their relationship with Nomar. That wouldn't have been a problem, except they failed to land A-Rod, and didn't take the necessary steps to smooth over things with Nomar. So now the whole Red Sox Nation is taking turns killing Garciaparra, rewriting history so's to make sure we know they never really liked him, anyway.

These guys all need some time in a therapist's office. How hard is it just to say "Thanks Nomar, you gave us hope when things didn't look so good, got close to tasting the Promised land a couple of times. Sorry you couldn't make it there with us. Have a nice life, and give our love to Mia."

How hard is that?

Apparently, about as hard as it is for George to keep from complaining when the Yanks lose. The Yanks fall short of a sweep against the Blue Jays, and George complains about Torre starting Kenny Lofton in right field.

George: the backup right fielder is Ruben Sierra. After that, you got ... waitaminute ... Tony Clark?

Just remember, you were the one that insisted on bringing Lil' Smacky into the fold. Don't complain when Joe Torre plays him.


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